Our Story

Premier who?

We’re a family-run business that creates magic using old traditional recipes (sometimes with a little extra touch of flair).

These old recipes were far too good to keep to ourselves, so we decided we had to bottle them and share them. They’re living proof that you actually can bottle happiness.

Like the blended liqueurs we create, our family is a special mix of two cultures. Polish blood and South African roots came together to form the perfect combination that became Premier Pure Fusion.

Every family has a unique story of its own and we’ve distilled the essence of ours into our special blends.

We’re here to share those stories with you, so that you and your friends can share them too.

So, where have we been all your life?

If you visit any local markets, chances are, we may have met.

We’ve been doing the rounds at markets, exhibitions and shows throughout SA for quite a while now, and the response was so good that we had to expand and do things like set up a proper website to keep up.

Of course, we’re not complaining. We’re very happy you’ve visited us here and we look forward to sharing our uniquely delicious flavours with you.

Everything we make is preservative-free and made with love and care. Natural ingredients generally also mean less of a hangover!

So, here we are. Please feel free to have a look around and join us for a drink.